I am currently working as a network/web application penetration tester after having spent a number of years in various technical IT Audit roles. I have always been interested in technology and tinkering.

Over the years I have collected a wealth of materials and learned from many great mentors. My plan with this blog is to chronicle my journey, share tips and techniques, continue to learn from others and pay it forward as much as I can. As one mentor continuously tells me “Every day is a school day. If you learn one thing, you’re golden“.

In my experience the hands-down best way to learn is by doing. I strive to better myself and enhance my technical skill set on a daily basis and hope this site helps others on their own journey. If there is anything you would like to see a blog post about or have any questions/comments leave a comment on one of my posts or contact me at the following:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrb3n813
Freenode: mrb3n813